I’m late with this update, which is fitting because the theme of the last two weeks has been f a l l i n g b e h i n d.

But! I just hit the 50% mark on round 1 of the manuscript. And I still have almost 3 weeks of winter vacation coming up to finish round 1 and hit the final edits/line edits hard, so I’m trying not to panic.

Trying, not succeeding.

I hate knowing that even with all this work, it’s still not done, but I also know I can’t do everything at once. It’s helpful for me to think of my edits like oil paintings- different layers, building up to the final picture. Right now I’m in another layer of moving blocks and adding things. The next layer will be honing in on emotional beats and polishing the prose. If possible, I’ll do a final holistic pass after that, in which I print out the manuscript and read it over a weekend to find all the little places where I can add strengthening details and spot inconsistencies.

So my revision advice- layers. Don’t try to do too much at once, or you’re going to get nothing done. Set goals, and go pass by pass. Eat that elephant bite by bite.

Craft Resource of the Week:

88 Cups of Tea is a podcast that never fails to inspire with its heartwarming and candid interviews of writers and publishing industry people. Yin is the warm and funny friend you never knew you needed and a brilliant interviewer- I always come out with some new insight about creativity or life.